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Prince Ali
Jonathan Freeman Lyrics

Prince Ali
Yes, it is he
But not as you know him
Read my lips
And come to grips
With reality
Yes, meet a blast from your past
Whose lies were too good to last
Say hello to your precious Prince Ali!
So Ali
Turns out to be
Merely Aladdin
Just a con
Need I go on?
Take it from me
His personality flaws
Give me adequate cause
To send him packing on a one-way trip
So his prospects take a terminal dip
His assets frozen
The venue chosen
It's the end of the world, whoopee!
So long, ex-prince Ali

Written by: Ernesto Brancucci, Alan Menken, Tim Rice

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Comments from YouTube:

Haley Pearce

Jafar never had a proper villain song.
But that's ok.
Now he has everyone else's.


Yeah but he's the only villain who took the hero's song, twisted it, and spat it right back into his face.

It was petty and dramatic and we can all learn from his example.

Lorenzo Smit

What about "You're only second rate"?

Sharon Efee

It was short but really impactful. He did in one minute what other villains do in so much more.


Honestly I kinda liked how he took the hero's song and threw it back in his face.

Toad Gatter

Jonah Pearce
You’re only second rate

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It only needs "Friends on the other side" and it's perfect!

steven Chapman

Ya it needs friend on the other side

The Fat Piranha Plant

Maddie Koester they’re probably wouldn’t let him sing that cause of the intense subject matter

The Fat Piranha Plant

One of the last great Disney villains that wasn’t a stupid twist

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