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Me Without a You
Jose Vanders Lyrics

Pulled over on the M4 BP suddenly life makes sense to me. We all get one single bullet to shoot to the stars or shoot to our heads if we desire – what do you desire? / Sometimes our eyes are covered by a blindfold. This time my heart was covered by stories of old, stories I’ve told, lessons I thought I had learnt. Guess I failed. Guess I failed. / There are things worth more than gold, worth more than our souls, worth more than the earth that we tread upon. / Guess Joni was right, try as we might we don’t realise how good those things are ’til they have gone. Now you have gone. / I’m like a pirate that loses his treasure down in the depths of the water. I’m like a father who loses his mind, after he loses his daughter. I’m like a ghost without a home. I’m like a plane without a sky. I’m like an old dictionary with one word too many explaining the reasons why. I’m like a sun that’s lost all it’s shine. I’m like a long road without any signs. I’m like the sound of the rain against windowpanes in the Summer. I’m like a boat without any sails. I’m like a postbox without any mail. I’m a me without a you.

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