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Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae: Sanctus
Josquin des Prez Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Josquin des Prez:

El grillo El grillo è buon cantore Che tiene longo verso. Dalle beve g…
El grillo è buon cantore El grillo è buon cantore che tiene longo verso. ¡Dale beve…
Pange lingua Pange, lingua, gloriósi Córporis mystérium, Sanguinísque pre…
Tu solus qui facis mirabilia Tu solus qui facis mirabilia, Tu solus Creator, qui creasti …

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Comments from YouTube:

Rain Adkins

Luscious music, really outstanding performance. Who could ask for more on a grey Monday morning?


I just discovered this channel. It's great! I hope you plan doing more renaissance masses, especially Josquin. I went through few of your uploads and their are all nothing but magnificent. Thanks for your hard work and exquisite taste!


@Pour ceux que le langage a désertés I will stay tuned :) Thank you

Pour ceux que le langage a désertés

Thanks for your appreciation! I will certainly make more Renaissance masses, though I'm not sure if there will be more Josquin anytime soon.

Roger Hobden

Like +++++

The Music and Singing Performances of Dylon Tomas

Thanks so much for this. This is one of Josquin's best masses.

Yousef Shadian

@The Music and Singing Performances of Dylon Tomas Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check them out, and yes I'm interested in his works beyond just his masses. I already listened to his Pange Lingua and Beata Vergine but so far I share your opinion of this one being my favourite.

The Music and Singing Performances of Dylon Tomas

@Yousef Shadian I would suggest his Missa Pange Lingua, which is generally agreed upon that this was the last mass he wrote. His Missa Beata Vergine is also beautiful, particularly the Credo section, which is my favorite part of that mass. His Missa Maulher Me Bat is such a powerful mass, as well. I would lastly recommend his Missa Mater Patris.

Out of these masses though, I think my favorite is this one as well. It's honestly so epic and the vocal contrast is amazing. I don't know if you're also interested in his motets/secular works, but I would recommend his motets Petite Camusette and En l'ombre d'ung buisonnet. Let me know what you think of these. :)

Yousef Shadian

I've only listened to a few masses of Josquin, and so far this is my favourite. Do you have any other suggestions?

The Music and Singing Performances of Dylon Tomas

@Pour ceux que le langage a désertés That is one of his earlier masses, I believe.

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