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Joy Lyrics

When I saw you at the party
You were talking to a girlfriend

I just walked across the room and said: hello
Hello !
While we danced I felt your body

Touched your face and dared to kiss you

When the song was over I just couldn't let you go

You go
You go!

Hey hello - be my darling
Hey hello - be my girl

Always wanted so rnuch more than just a one night love affair.
Hey hello - feel the magic
Hey hello - in the air

I can give you so much more than just a one night love affair.

Midnight-hour in my apartment

I could feel your burning passion

When I loved you in the shadow of the night.
You were leaving in the morning

But you promised you would call me

One more kiss
I'll see you soon
And then goodbye!

Hey hello - be my darling
Hey hello - be my girl
. . .

Hey hello - be my darling
Hey hello - be my girl
. . .
Hey hello - feel the magic
Hey hello - in the air

I can give you so much more than just a one night love affair.

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

flo joens

This is such a heartfelt video with such a beautiful message behind it. It’s very sweet to see people comment that they’ll come and watch this video whenever they want to be uplifted. It isn’t the typical kind of song someone would debut with and it shows what a wonderful job Joy did interpreting the original. I think that makes it all the more meaningful and special, and the lyrics have the type of positive message that’s needed these days. It’s great too that the people in the video are all Jeju islanders and represent aspects of cultural significance to Jeju. This is why there's actual Haenyeo women (traditional women divers), Jeju farmers, Jeju surfers, and a local family from Jeju all depicted in the MV. Jeju is Joy’s birthplace and where Joy’s maternal family still live.

I do occasionally still see some misunderstandings spread about the music video so I’m going to write a really long comment here to hopefully provide clarity since these are important issues. Firstly, Joy said that her input for the Hello MV was to have a storyline where a little girl is lost and Joy helps her to find her way back home. This was her main contribution to the plot of the video, and in regards to styling Joy said that she asked for there be individual looks for the b-side teasers and that her favorite outfit in the Hello video was the crochet look. As the full credits show many people worked on the video, including directors and stylists who had the final say in the content overall.

As we also know, the MV depicts actual communities in Jeju (Joy's birthplace) and the litte girl is shown with her real family who actually live in Jeju. Since its release, there have been Mongolians who have commented that they were happy they could recognize aspects of their culture in the video. This is because Korea was previously invaded by the Mongol Empire and they established their base in Jeju and had colonized the indigenous population of Jeju island. The traditional Mongolian yurt is featured and a tipi is also present in the MV. Some people may not know but Mongolians also use tipis, particularly the Tsaatan people, and it has been stated by some historians that tipis may share a common origin from Mongolia as it is believed Native Americans crossed into present day North America from Asia over a land bridge. Traditional dwellings from Mongolia have been utilized around the world and this is an example of culture crossing borders with an actual practical application which is quite different to appropriation.

Some people have also questioned the use of dreamcatchers in the video which is understandable because dreamcatchers originated with the Ojibwe Nation. However, it is important to note that during the 1960s and 1970s dreamcatchers spread around the world and were adopted into what was called the "Pan-Indian movement". In regards to their use in Jeju, Jeju is the only place in South Korea where the majority religion is indigenous Shamanism (a system of beliefs that is associated with indigenous and tribal societies) and dreamcatchers are used in Jeju not for an aesthetic but because their power is believed in. The little girl is actually with her real family who live in Jeju and her mother uses dreamcatchers in her own home. The little girl wearing a feather headband was also something that her parents had done in their real life outside of the MV, and is something found in both indigenous Mongolian culture and in Jeju Shamanism. They were not being used for an aesthetic but instead were included as part of depicting a real family in Jeju. Cultural exchange is a fact of life in a world marked by colonization, particularly for a place like Jeju which was under occupation by Mongolia and most recently by the US Military Government following World War II (and there was a terrible massacre of native Jeju islanders under the direct orders of the US). All of these cultural legacies still exist and it is why it’s important to differentiate between what is and what isn’t CA. In Joy’s video dreamcatchers are present because they are linked to an actual family in Jeju, with their power believed in and utilized by the very people depicted. This is the same for when Joy is dancing around a campfire. Again, Shamanism is the majority religion in Jeju and drumming and ceremonies are a part of their indigenous culture (the parents of the little girl are also musicians as seen at the end of the video). It is not in anyway meant to mock or harm others. It was done with reference to the people of the island.

There was never any question within Korea regarding these things because it was 100% understood that the video was depicting actual people and not trying to appropriate or disrespect another culture. I hope people can enjoy the video and the heartfelt words it conveys. We need more of these positive and uplifting sentiments in today’s world.

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AE Top Musics

What a beautiful song to make you feel well~~~



Chintya painting best🥰🎨

r e i s s

@IU official idiotism at its finest, gtfo lol

park hanna

When joy sang the song, all the songs that joy sang were like joy's own. Joy has a unique vocal and distinctive style. Whatever song she brings joy makes it look like it belongs to her. I'm so proud of her. Her voice is so soft and sweet. When joy sang all the songs she sang I felt like eating something sweet and it made my head, my brain, my mind even calm my heart.


@ᴀʀᴍʏ in a ʙʟɪɴᴋ I'd rather they rest eternally.

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리메이크형식의 미니앨범 또 나왔으면 좋겠어요 보컬도 독특한데 예전 가요들이랑 목소리가 너무 찰떡임 ㅠㅠㅠ 조이버전 내따커 나올때까지 존버 ㅠㅠ


Every single day I feel like I love Joy a little bit. She's so beautiful and kind and she's like a bright star which gives me a whole positive energy. Please always smile like you smile in this MV. Love you so much Joy 💝

Dr. Mantis Toboggan

Video is fake NOBODY would ever break up with Joy in real life.

Meryl Ann Olivas

Park Eun-Bin’s opening song on her fan meeting event here in Manila ❤🐰🍀

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