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From Embrace To Embrace
Joy Wants Eternity Lyrics

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I have no idea how, but this song found its way into my music collection. I have no memory of it, but it is bliss.

Grave Templar

Gio my love, I will always found you on the stars, this sound will always connect us with God, you're there now, please take me there, this earth it's not for me... Please take me where we can be one, I love you.

Dutcho Nakonechny

Long time ago i fell in love to this band....always goosebumps...unfortunately they`ve split up!


Joy Wants Eternity os one of the best music to hitchhiking. Im waiting for spring...


Best for this hitchhiking is: Our Backs into the Wind and whole album: You Who Pretend To Sleep

Andrelli Jamille

Uma das melhores músicas já feitas!


Andrelli Jamille A mais pura verdade

Ray Axis

It is always unbelievable, what great music there is, in these endless spaces...

Nuven Cinza

Um som muito bom. que te leva para outro mundo, que faz você conhecer a si mesmo.

Bennett Alston

this stuff is genuinely awesome. ive been looking for a band to rival explosions in the sky for some time... this may be it

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