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New Bark Town
by Jun'ichi Masuda Go Ichinose Shota Kageyama & GAME FREAK

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Toad Taylor

Is it just me, or does all Johto music just screen nostalgia. Its not even my first

owen Tustin-Fuchs

Toad Taylor same

NEM Skits

Don’t worry in like 15 years will find sword and shield music super nostalgic while will have Pokémon ketchup and mustard or something like that


@Cubeman My first ever Pokémon game was Let's go Eevee (sadly), but after that I played Crystal. I don't like to count Let's Go as main series games because you barely actually battle. I still remember Splashes my Totodile and Barry (Sentret), and Meltanny (Skarmory), and some Dratini named Sayori or something. I remember that I wasn't able to get to the elite 4 because my dumb self accidentally overwrote my save file with my sis's (I used an emulator). I also remember some of my lost 'mons ever since the D.E.C" (Ds Emulator Crash).

Pokémon Explorers of Time:
Dusk (Me, Meowth)
Dew (Partner, Squirtle)
Qwveetsa (Some Tauros that helped my beat the crap out of that Luxray guy)

Pokémon Platinum
Zonzo (Empoleon)
Sparky (Luxray)
Timerpie (Giratina)
Reene (Noctowl)
DudeGuy (Geodude)
Fluffy (Loppuny)

Pokémon Pearl
Bolfua (Infernape)
Eggbomb (Medicham)
Pearl (Luxray)
Mizuagon (Palkia)
I'm Sorry (Bibarrel)
Hmer (Staravia)

Pokémon Soul Silver
Memory (Feraligatr)
Heavy TF2 (Lugia)
Greg Guy (Gyarados)
Susie (Sudowoodo)
HM SLAVE (Dratini)
Batter (Togepi)

Pokémon Black
Brownie (Stoutland)
Romreven (Zwelous or however you spell it)
Gwilolpl (Archeops)
Ernie (Throh)
Pepper (Panpour)
Yuropixie (Reshiram)

Bro thanks for listening to the song and stuff I love to know people still know this game exists.


the original wasn't only one of my 1st games but was the 1st game i completed(since ironically my save battery was dead so i had to play the game in one run (it took around 6 hours plugged in )


all pokemon game music that came out after 2010 doesnt seem nostalgic at all. Games like this, diamond, black and white, and platinum are the best ones. my opinion.

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It's so hard to believe that his game is going to be 10 years old at the end of this year. Even harder to believe that the original Gold and Silver are going to be 20.


@Furret Turret I'd be insulted if you didn't.

Furret Turret

Can I wear you? Or am I not worthy enough?


11. good times.

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