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Jun'ichi Masuda Go Ichinose & GAME FREAK Lyrics

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Mario & Luigi When it hits you like a freight train Knocking you…

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Opening Movie I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was…

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Comments from YouTube:

Lord Haari

When I first heard this, I was initially in shock since I accidentally ran into Thundurus while trying to look for another 'mon toward the latter half of the game. I thought something wrong had happened, then I was floored by it being a legendary.

But then at 0:14, the adrenaline hit and I was almost scared. He was much higher level than my 'mons were, and those orchestra hits immediately made me think of Goro's Theme from the '95 Mortal Kombat movie. Plus, I didn't want to squander my opportunity. I don't remember how that encounter ended, but I remember sitting listening to this for at least thirty seconds or so in disbelief.

Definitely one of the coolest experiences I've had with a legendary (and therefore one of the coolest legendary themes, especially for "generic" legendaries) in a Pokemon game.

(garons of increasing discomfort)

"Oh, no! The Pokémon broke free!" "Aww! It appeared to be caught!" "Aargh! Almost had it!"

Nick Peck

"Gah! It was so close, too!"





Jed's Long Lost Channel

This song is to awesome to only have 3 comments.

Uriel Nahu

I can hear Victini's cry and the sound of a failed pokéball D:

Soma Cruz

The three Therians and the Swords of Justice :)

Evan Mendez

And then Game Freak didn't even bother to add this song to Sword and Shield... How?!


This actually has 323 views? Maybe the view-counter has broken!

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