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Back to the Light
Jun Fukuda Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Back to the Light' by these artists:

After the Fire I've been sitting here thinking That too much thinking's no…
Brian May Far,far from the light Hear the night creatures call With th…
May Brian Far, far from the light Hear the night creatures call With…
Serge Ponsar Here i go running out into the night looking for a place…
The Brian May Band Far, far from the light Hear the night creatures call With…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Javier Pacheco

Dear Crimson Cloud,

You have done a service for all the gamers that love this game and its music.
I hope you are doing well and that you are smoothly realizing your dreams.
Thank you for everything, but especially for taking out of your time to making this video.


JF (LaybackThunder)

Ps: Once you thunder, there is no layback!

All comments from YouTube:

Lucas Durán González

This game is a forgotten gem, it has an unique style like no other

In the name of Harman...


Look, I’m a cleaner...


To me, it's merely cold, rotting flesh.


I can feel no remorse in seeing a dead body

Gatakumo Johnson

You know what I just realized about this game? You, the player, has a red eye to tell you the health, life force of your character. Well what does Garcian get when he opens the vault in the school?

Tim Soule

ruh roh!

International Boards of Pigeons

i cant believe they crammed so many amazing songs with so much variety into one game

The Skull Raider

"Trying to die in style!? Give me a break you sick, old man!"

Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams

walks past the bodies of the gored orphans in disgust

Ciaran Is The Best Waifu Ever so Shut the F0ck Up.

11:19 TGS Trailer Theme

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