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Granite Street Knife Fight
Junction 18 Lyrics

these heads are rolling... they see black
watch them smile the dust away
who's upstairs hanging out the window
his girlfriend's leaving him tonight
i know this well... this repeating game
it's neverending..
don't let him drive the car tonight...
he'll never make it home
turn out the light..
we're too far behind
words are exchanged
and we're never the same
confusing matter?..
pray you make it out to the end
he's a clown... a first class sinner..
regrets are slowly building their way
elusive matter?
pray you make it out to the end
this childhood dream is killing me
i know its hard to swallow
but its nice going when its free
when will you answer?
i've got this question aching on my mind..
how can you let these nights remain unsurrendered?
turn out the light.
we're too far behind
it's evident no one here will survive
confusing matter?
pray you make it out in the end
im a clown... a sad fool kisser
this carnival's planned its early death
elusive matter?
pray to make it out in the end
(when exactly is the end?)
and all the laughter you see is not for sale
its virus made no effort
near the fire they feed incessantly
the flame to the inferno
goodnight afternoon..
goodnight morning moon
ill catch your rays another day
they're coming to take me away
i finally killed the light..
im bleeding here tonight
i felt the pain
now may i ride this game again?

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Comments from YouTube:

Jordan Keller

Skateboard Park Tycoon World Tour 2003: Still one of my favourite games of all time. The soundtrack is sooo great.

Iron Hawk


jesse m

This song assures my high school self had good taste in music 👍🏽


Love this song! Haven't heard it in ages!


I thought I imagined this song, lol. Glad to discover it again after all these years.

Alex Olaz

Im glad to see a video game opens eyes and ears to great music. Not like it matters but for anyone here familiar with Go-Kart Records, they released a 300 song CD with these guys on it among with 149 other amazing bands. If you like punk rock, definitely look up Go-Kart, they may be dying down now, but their memory will live on to punk rock enthusiasts forever

Leo Alvarado

Definitely my fav song from skate tycoon. The memories... really good ones

Cesar Landeros

It's pretty cool to have this great song for listening. Thanks a lot!

Andy Bell

First heard this song on a ‘Don’t be scared Sampler’. One of the best comp cds I’ve ever bought

Chupa Selam

just listened to these guys again after a while, felt great.

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