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Hero with a Death Ray
K-Man & The 45s Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by The 45s:

Waiting For My Heart To Break I could give you more I could give you more You do…

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Meagan McLeod

Love it!

Button Down Radio

Awesome track!

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@Stomp Records works a treat!

Stomp Records

@Button Down Radio Weird. I've updated it and removed the short url. Should work fine now

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@Stomp Records edited.comment as phone link works fine.

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Phone goes to the right place but laptop goes somewhere different?

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@Stomp Records not for me I'm afraid

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Reminds me of that one tiny scientist show, kinda bring back my childhood

K-Man & the 45s

personally i was thinking Jetsons

Maria guadalupe Vargas rico

Peliculas 8

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