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Real Life
KAMbino Lyrics

Sin will get ya left, so I'm rolling to the right
It gets darker everyday, gotta hold on to the light
Yeah, the battle isn't our's, still I know I gotta fight
Cause this flesh has gotta die if I'm a really have life
If I'm a really have life x 4
After seeing me on stage, people they get amazed
Think I got it all together, no, not at all
My life is like a lotto ball, slash the apostle Paul
Tossed around frequently, thorn in my flesh
More like a tape worm, it's eating me
And all these accolades that they feeding me
Make it hard to stay humble, the pride is like creatine
When it rids it's head I'm headed straight for the guillotine
Surrender without a struggle, others would probably flee the scene
Before Barak took office knew I was free to dream
But in my dark sub conscience I'm still free to scheme
That's why I'm contanstly flooding it with the light
Before it goes out of control and I struggle to get it right
See, you gotta understand I've been hustling all my life
To stay on the straight and narrow I tussle with all my might
Work my fingers to the marrow, releases me when I write
So I keep composing these carols, releasing them to the night
I know she saw the wedding ring
But straight up told me she want us to do some wedded things
Bending over trying to show me her spaghetti strings
Coming at me from all angels like some Bugetti bling
And, while the best of me wouldn't touch it
The rest of me want to rush it, upset with me, I'm disgusted
A recipe for destruction, enticing me like a pro
I'm lonely trying to stay Holy, my flesh is liking it though
My wife majestically pregnant, how I love her
We had some complications, doctors stating I can't touch her
You add in the intimate innuendo from the other
It equals opportunity for lust to take me under
But I could not succumb to anything that would damage my wife
Or damage my Christ, that kind of thing would damage my life
So even though the flesh is weak, I somehow manage to fight
The test became a testimony cause I handled it right
Now I apologize to my listeners still lost and reckless
Who's experience with the church, bred an off perspective
Who's experiences have hurt, had their heart subjected
To these Christians who act as if they got this walk perfected
I'm hear to tell ya that everyone has slipped in this race
But all can have the fall cushioned by the gift of his grace
So just forget the folk expecting quick perfection, cause it's nonsense
They're blind, renewal of the mind's a slow and steady process
Religions can bite me, they don't like me honest
Streets they respect, won't reject me for my rawness
None can curse who God blessed, I am on a conquest
Got to bring the fallen home, I am like a pawn in chess
Sent with a reminder from the Savior above
That the cross wasn't 'bout judgement, but a labor of love
Now judgement day is gonna come, But everyday that you're breathing
Just represents an opportunity to say you'll receive it (and have life)

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Comments from YouTube:

Delisha Jackson

"This flesh has got to die if I'ma really have life"

William Brown

Gotta crucify the flesh daily
Flesh v.s. Spirit

noel perez

Real inspiring lyrics raw truth...

Daniel Boswell

Who's still listening to this in 2019? Still such a powerful song.

percy mahwiliri

kambino the song is tight


This is one of the REALIST Christian rap songs that I've heard in awhile! FIYAH LYRICS! LOVE IT!!!

Brianna Spires

What a way to represent the kingdom. TRUE gift from God has been given to this man! Go head Kam!


reach records so underrated man!!

Affordable Vegetarian

This is fire I am a Christian poet so I can relate.

Jeremy Adams

this is the best song i ever heared in my life love this song

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