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Ka Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Conflicted' by these artists:

Angel of Fire Terrible scenes Horrid screams Mutilated dreams Broken…
Pete Philly & Perquisite Sometimes I feel conflicted and restricted in my ways Ups an…
Roman Lob I've been seeing a shrank Try to get why I…
Steve Fee I'm conflicted with what I want and what I need…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Ka:

Decisions Gotta teach the shorties that... The decisions they make in …
Iron Age [Hook x2: Ka] Born in a sinning place, mourned and been…
Knighthood (Vocal Sample) They told me we gonna catch you one of…
our father Card player #1: Well, looks like you just about cleaned…
Save My Heart 本当の私 さがしてたころ 白紙のダイアリー 風がめくっていた 不器用だから 遠回りしたの そう言える自分が 今はとても好…
You Know It's About [Vocal Sample] Your skills are now at the point of spiritua…

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Comments from YouTube:

Joseph Megeed

Ka iz a lyrical samurai...all fat iz cut frm da steak...except da marbling 4 flavor.perfect release timing wit dis quarantine sht goin on.Salute.

Joss Lo life 86

Honor killed the Samuraï.
Sepukku before dishonor , those guys were I don't even know if there is a word for that determination , straight people so calm but that can be so dangerous....

Crime Scene Louie

Subbed! Bruh u deserve waaaay more subs waaaaay more...I think the payoff is coming got talent brother 🙏🏼

Chef Eazy


Kushed Out Vids

Mecha you that dude 👏👏

Don White

Damn this is pretty tight. Cool beat, sick flow.



Don White

Damn this is pretty tight. Cool beat, sick flow.


This is dope!

Crime Scene Louie


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