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Little Pills
Kabosh Lyrics

Try to break through, it's like I'll never (it's like I'll never make it)
Or make it better (give me pills let me take it)
Can't change the weather (yeah),
And I'm going back to where I've been,
Hope somebody lets me in,
I need shelter,
From myself, if you can hear me please send help,

It's keeps raining in my mind,
Another storm another day,
These little pills won't change my mind,
Cuz they don't make it go away,
Keeps on raining in my head,
Another storm another day,
These little pills won't change my mind,
Cuz they don't make it go away,
(Keeps on raining)

It's over.

Can only see myself is anybody here,
(I ain't even myself no more)
If you could be myself you'd understand me clear,
(Can't pick myself up off the floor)
And if I died today, it would take my pain away,
Cuz it flooded, (flooded)
And I'm drownin' (drownin')
Boy it's liberating me,


Lets find a way to run away from life,
Full of pain and strife,
Which direction I'm going I can't tell now,
Mister 7/20 nina tell me I'm hell bound,
The IRS is on my ass for the check that I didn't cash and the levey from child support felt like I fell down,
So I'm lookin' for extacy pills tech is the next to be thrilled seconds from method we I'll daily,
My brains cookin' the recipe will beckon the best of me killed sections of stepping I feel crazy,
Hit the club in the night with a lil bit of drug in my life and I'm sure lovin it real hypey I'm delivering,
With my seat out my site, seperated from my wife in the middle of a crisis I'm high shakin' and shiverin',
Rolling balls I'm elated I'm going dumb now drinking liquor I'm faded n havin fun now loaded gun and I'm tripping with everyone around keep me stuck in the sky I never wanna come down

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2020 is there any one

Hastur Shoggoth

Still here.


@Eskimo Pie Geoblocked, huh? Damn.

Eskimo Pie

@EFerrorfile I thought so but it's not showing up, I'll bet it's some copyright bullshit.


Try this: Little Pills on Spotify.


@Eskimo Pie The album "Everready" has this song and that album is on Spotify.

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Listed to this while deep into drugs , still listening 3 years clean

Bo Elliott

@Another account I didnt need to make j.s. spoken like a captive inside your own head and i rebuke the spirit of doubt thats in you . You were created to serve a purpose maby stop taking up for things that got u in that position and command the power back back into your hands for your life period 💯 stop being captive in your own Territory

Another account I didnt need to make j.s.

I’ll never stop. I have no one. I’ll never have anyone, so this is the route I will continue to take. My brain is probably just completely destroyed, my insides hurt really bad, irreversible damage for sure. Happy for you, though. Don’t be afraid of weed, though.

Edit: Shrooms and LSD are nothing to be afraid of either.

Bo Elliott

Alright role call mother fuckers whos still clean 🙄!!!!!!!

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