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The Mummy
Karl Freund Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'The Mummy' by these artists:

Benji Hughes The committee, they asked me to be the one to…
Bob McFadden [MUMMY:] I'm a mummy. I scare people. Watch what happens…
Bob McFadden & Dor [MUMMY:] I'm a mummy. I scare people. Watch what happens…
Brisa Roché Wrapped up like a mummy I go spinning-down the winter stree…
DyNAbyte Bandage after bandage, patch after patch Ointment after oin…
Massacration Tumbalacatumba tumba tá Tumbalacatumba tumba tá Tumbalacat…
McFadden and Dor [MUMMY:] I'm a mummy. I scare people. Watch what happens…
The Slackers So here it come Living in a pyramid If you ask me…

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Comments from YouTube:

Mist Réme

Nobody goes stark raving mad better than 1930s actors.

SuperSpeed Bros

And Jack Nicholson


it's all the lead in the air

Dana B

The reason it seemed actors form the 30s were 'over acting' was because most of them got their start in silent films. Since there was no sound, the actors had to use a lot of body language to convey the scene, the emotions, etc. This carried over to the first half of the 1930s films.

Mark Dewar

That's true,like Dwight Fry in Dracula.

Zed Dravot

After effects of the first World War.

Stephen Nong

The guy laughing made it even more scarier

Daniel Ryan

Kyle Frank Or Griffin as the Invisible Man

Kyle Frank

Same effect as Renfield in the ship's cargo hold from the original Dracula.

TheCovidMarine 2020

This is real horror and acting. It’s actually believable, he genuinely looks and sounds like he’s gone mad with mania and shock. And Boris Karloff is just amazing as the Mummy, better than anything else that came after it

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