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Eden Belovv
by Katharsis

Shadows in the black fog...
Restless, endless, soulless, wandering
Gate of darkness' morbid children
Shadows in the black fog
Dawn of evil blood so eagerly awaiting
Raised within an ark of grace &
Beauty hidden

When they creep from their layre
In the mass-graves,
On the dark fields of infinite anguish,
Under a hollow indifferent sky,
The eternal sky

It is time to reach out for the sceptre.
It is time for our master to conquer.
It is time for the olde hooded reaper.
Grim lorde death, he is once more to ryde.

Shadows in the black fog
Lifeless, fleshless, breathless, haunting
Fear & plague & misery's messengers
Shadows in the black fog
Dawne of evilhearts so solemnly
Embracing, leave their crypts to join
The olde earth's funereal procession

When they turne into shape in the
Dark storm that will blow
On the day of our glory
On the day of mayhemic destruction

For Lord Luzifer's triumph in heaven
It is time to take over the
Thrones of the earth
& to rule over all with an iron fist
It is time for the faceless
Archangels to awake
& to rise from the holiest of hells [...]

Shadows in the black fog
Scornfull, wrathfull, dreadfull roaming
Curse of mortals, doomsday's offspring
Shadows in the black fog
Ceremoniall servants for our nightly
Sacrificiall mass for Satan &
His demonic-court now reigning...

Contributed by Jordyn D. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Tommy L.

KTHRSS is THE best blakk metal band. ever.


Antichrist elitists rise!


My friend, you have forgotten Ascension.


loving dem high-pitched skreams


@Gyuki12 I truly agree. The production could've also been something else than demo-style, sometimes I can't really hear all the elements they've put togehter. DsO's records sound nice and still are pure chaos.

Laura Noir



@OverhumanSV Well actually i repeated what i said in the first comment and added examples, but nevermind. Trample on.


@nightkult Well, "atmospheric" does not have to always mean "soft and melodic" ;) I kinda agree, because KTHRSS is one of those bands that are capable of producing an outstanding atmosphere of total chaos and madness.


@OverhumanSV You are constantly failing to get what i thought. Please read the original comment you were responding to. Katharsis is atmospheric in terms of including atmosphere of chaos, destruction and madness to their sound. Paracletus, for example, is atmospheric, because the music on that album involves the atmosphere of longing, sadness, etc... While still being top-notch DSO and not some DSBM band. Also, DSBM bands tend to be very atmospheric too.

Ernie Deveau

There pretty good. Thanks for uploading it. \m/

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