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Good Citizen
Kayser Lyrics

Get yourself blank
kick matisse aside
swallow what you hear
buy all fears in style
cry inside, close your eyes
stay polite
lock all doors, stay alert
but be polite

As you pray to sleep
life's passing

Innocent boy sees his world collapse
silhouette truth makes the years go by
shattered dreams, fixed ideals
infected scars
lock your door, stay alert
but be polite

All the wild horses will lead astray
Don't ever let them inside your head
All the wild horses will lead astray
Don't ever let them inside... your heart

Contributed by Riley I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Have been a big fan of Spice and his amazing lungs since his days with Spiritual Beggars..also love his stuff with The Mushroom River Band..great stuff


This a perfect example of how great songs are made : nice thrashy riffs, melodic small but meaningfull solos , and an amazing voice . Simple and effective . Nothing fake here ,pure metal. P.S. Come back to Greece

Michalis Deltas

guys this song is taken from the album kaiserhof and is the best album i ever heard.these guys are absolutely amazing.the album is very similar to the sound of testament very groovy.hail to the Kaysers they rulesssss \m/


Buenisimo el video, una banda preferida del thrash para mi

EinerVonBillion S

sounds really good. Great song. 5 stars.


I saw them live yesterday together with Ektomorf and they just fucking rocked! Great Song

Matthias Plus

Yesterday i have seen them live. Sick performence

Felipe Alarcón Cereceda

Just great! I'm so glaad to hear the spice's voice again. It's a real shame that he's not in the beggars anymore. I mean, I love JB's voice, but to me Spice it's the right one for that band (SB). I'm still don't understand why m. ammot do that to spice... anyway... greatings from Chile.


can someone tell me please where can i get tabs of this great song?because i can't find it anywhere


клёвая банда!!!

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