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Light Above The Trees
Keiko Matsui Lyrics

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Larry Curtis

the creativity of her beautiful musical compositions come directly from beyond the stars. There is a musical anointing in Keiko data do unique it's devoid of earthly description. I feel like,anyone privileged enough to view her in concert live should consider dat opportunity as a direct blessing from the Almighty himself. Her music wlii be included in my home going ceremony when my time here on Earth is finished. Being privileged to hear and see her play has definitely hsd a positive effect on my life..... thank you snd much love and blessings Keiko. You're a blessing from paradise

RobG Scott

among the best songs ever written...


watch the sunset with this song.. you will see the clouds are dancing with the sun in the blue sky. then close your eyes and think how beautiful life is..


I've loved Keiko since I first heard her in 2002. Great stuff, can't go wrong listening to her.


Beautiful, just beautiful.


I've been listening to that song for hours and hours's so calming and inspirational and spiritual at the same time...makes you travel to another imaginary world...I believe it deserves to be assumed as one of her best.


Way of life by Zimmer and this tune are above the sky by far, just perfect

Jared G

My favorite song




Keiko Matsui is an awesome artist. her music is so calming and reaches out to the spirit. I plan to incorporate this song light above the trees into my Tai Chi Chun practices it has all the elements that would make movements go into harmony and rhythm. Thanks for the uplad Theogonus. I can not wait to listen to more of you collection. Keep up the good work.

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