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Keluar Lyrics

Suffer the whim to survive and to feel;
I've been alone, I was born (it's incurable).
‘Til the end we are…
tastes the same,
to desperation.
(Suffer the whim to survive and to feel)
This chemical slope is surreal,
it's the way we turn in circles
of delight and fear.
I've been alone…
I've been alone, I was born

(it's incurable).

How can it weigh so
heavily on our minds
to feel someone's
pressed against our own?
‘Til the end we are…

taints and shames.

Creatures, learnt to crawl,
we are enslaved by what we are.
Warm-blooded throes,
we are in chains
above, below.

Contributed by Aaron R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Weirdo man child 88

I just discovered these guys, knew of Linea Asperea and wow but this... is even better? Loving it on this somewhat indecisive, lost in thoughts wednesday morning

Looper Lost

This is my absolute favorite song.


Excellent song and amazing sounds 😍 I’ve had this on repeat for a couple of days while driving through Europe this summer.

Paulo Segundo

A última vez que eu quis ter todos os álbuns de uma banda foi em 1992 quando escutei heaven or las vagas do cocteau twins e tenho hehehe. ..

Felipe ViAl

This is a gem. The ecstasy of listening to this is incredible.

Paul Jefferson

Excellent & angelic!


Heavy synth, so nice...

Keluar Keluar

puissant profond énorme ! ! j'aime énormément 🕇♥♥♥♥

Rafael Ferreira

This music is necessary!!!♥️♥️♥️

Vinícius Youtube

Suffer the whim to survive and to feel!!!

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