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Just Say Yes
Ken Andrews Lyrics

I don't know which way I should turn
I'm too afraid of getting burned
When all the wells have come up dry
It's hard to take another try

But I pick myself up of the floor
And tried my best just like I did before
Just say yes... just say yes

Everytime I take a chance
This hesitation pulls me back
From finding out who I should be
I want to know the real me

So I pick myself above the floor
And realized just who I was before
I can't listen to the voice inside that keeps on saying I should never try
Just say yes
Just say yes

I don't know which way I should go
I'm too afraid of letting go
With this doubt to overcome
It's hard to see all that I've done

But I pick myself above the floor
And tried my best just like I did before
I just set aside the fear within and walk on through the door that held me in
Just say yes
Just say yes

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Brenden Pischke

@Whitney Angelie Not really. Ran into a psychiatrist. Apparently I've been depressed since I was 8 years old. You could say that depression is all I've ever known. Family kicking me to curb sure didn't help. They thought I was lazy, hell, I thought I was just lazy.

"If you want to waste time, then do it on your own time." Their words to me before telling me to fit what I could into a backpack and then telling me to get into the car. Even with all that the fear of death still outweighs the fear of life.

I'm just a cowardly little shit. Completely dictated by fear. I think that's how I lost my best friend from elementary school. Got to middle school and I guess he got tired of holding my hand (figuratively, not literally). Now there is no one left to hold my hand, not even my family.

I'm getting older now. If this keeps up for another 8 years then I'm really not going to see much point in living. It'll be too late to start a family. Although, while I'd love to have people I can wrap my arms around and give absolutely all my love. There is absolutely no way I could handle the responsibility of taking of another life. I'm failing pretty hard at taking care of myself.

"Erase me from memory, erase me from history. I never existed. I'm just a failed attempt at life."

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Devin Freestyles

Surfs up taught my a life lesson to never give up and follow your dreams

Kostas Kalpias

Same here , my all time favourite movie

Tyler Howard


Void Artixx



@Fred Rydén the movie is underrated

Fred Rydén

Same. The whole soundtrack is so underated.

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that kid flossy

It reminds me my childhood where I thought the world was perfect

Icarus Achilles

Same here brother. You're young then you get thrown to wolves

Chicken John

This reminds me if the opposite. When I become an adult I think I am the only one (compared to my freinds) who knows how hard things will be.

Whitney Angelie

You’re blessed to have ever seen the world that way.

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