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Ken Car$on Lyrics


I keep your ho upstairs
When she wanna fuck, I just tell her, "Ring the bell"
Hit her from the back, she can′t do nothing but yell
And she smart as fuck, I got this bitch straight out of Yale
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

And you know I'm high as fuck, my eyes just red but they was just pale
If it′s up, then nigga, it's stuck, don't come outside, not even for air
Got a Glocky on my hip and I blow this bitch just like a ref
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Niggas thinkin′ this shit sweet ′til they one of they partners disappear
Give a fuck 'bout your mama crying, give a fuck ′bout that lil' bitch sheddin′ tears
Gotta keep the fire by your side because the opps is always near
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Double cup, ho, I sip lean, know all these old niggas sip beer
All I do is just lead and all these lil' niggas just cheer
20-20 my vision but I swear this shit ain′t been clear
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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Comments from YouTube:

Nick Muzquiz

Carti got a good ear signing this guy early


​@Nick Muzquiz yuh look now


​@brandon look now youngin

Rimuru Anos


CBT savage

@obsered bird ye

obsered bird

They been cool for a minute, him and carti planned on this for a minute making ken the first to sign to opium

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listen to this on repeat, never gets old


bros everywhere


average ogu marketplace visitor

Francisco Gerez


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