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Barrel Racer Land
Kenny Feidler Lyrics

She pulls a fifty footer just to haul one horse
Won a hundred dollars all profit of course
Cuz her daddy buys the feed and her boyfriend owns the truck
All she's gotta do is ride her horse and ...

It's another great day to be looking that good
In and out the arena she's hanging on the wood
Perfume is so strong passed out and hit the can
It's another great day in barrel racer land

Got a roper for his money buys her lots a shit
Got a roughy on the side when she wants some good ...
Runs an Appaloosa pony chasing first placed prize
Probly ain't the worst she's had between her thighs

Got a kippys belt and five colored hair
Fur on her boots and none down there
Took outa couple panels when she finally broke
Her horse is fuckin crazy got em tripping on coke

Got a pleather saddle and a couple a bits
No inhibitions and a set of fake tits
Pounding down the liquor for the rodeos end
Lost her front teeth fighting with her best friend

Woulda coulda shoulda but she knocked down the third
Ground was too deep and her horse saw a bird
Musics to loud and the lights were to bright
She'd a had the buckle if things had went right

Well it's not an easy life on the barrel racing road
Every now and then she takes a big load
Cuz you gotta turn and burn if you wanna be fast
Turn rich men into poor men got rug burn on her ass

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