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If You Don't Come Back to Me Now
Kevin Quain Lyrics

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I'm on the road it's 'Hell or Bust' You'll be choking on my dust You love me now but not for long You'll laugh about me when I'm gone Oh give me cobblestones and roosters, Creeping shadows in the heat, A steaming jungle at my back And the Pacific at my feet. And the taste of blood upon your lips Setting suns and sinking ships Under spider webs and rust A million years of dust I have swallowed my regrets Well, the bastards knocked me down this time But they never will again


Oh, I'll get right back in the ring. I'm the King of Everything. 'Night Marie, I wish you well. I swore I'd follow you to Hell. You just laughed and shook your head. Said "Sailor, you're already there!" Look at all the days we threw away and all the bridges that we've burned. I would not trade a single kiss for all the sunsets in the world.

Matthew Lebowitz

When I ask ppl about music
I ask: "Who do you believe?"
I believe Bruce (Cockburn and Springsteen), Elvis Costello, Cake, and Kevin Quain !!

Denis Anjos

@otispoon So nice of you taking time to write down the correct lyrics ;)


Hey dude, you tried :)


Life's a bitch and then you die. Now I just wanna be alone. If I'm a dog, just let me lie. I have buried all my bones. These days I miss our conversations. I can't remember a single one. Now, does the monkey on your back talk to the angel on your tongue? --- it's clear from your effort that you admire this song...hope you can find a little more poetry in it now -- OP

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