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Sambolera Mayi Son
Khadja Nin Lyrics

Sambolera mayi son
(Khadja Nin/Kevin Mulligan)
Duniya ile Sambolera
Oh ! wanayijifondeya
Duniya yetu Sambolera
Mbona wazimu... mayi
Watu wa duniya Sambolera
Oh ! wanajisondeka
Siyo wa mungu Sambolera
Oh ! ni watu... mayi
Watu wabaya Sambolera
Oh ! hawana uluma
Wanasema ji sema Sambolera
Duniya ni yao... mayi

Mungu akipenda Sambolera
Oh ! watagukumbuka
Wakupe njiya Sambolera
Oh ! ujaribu
Mbele ya mungu Sambolera
Oh ! watajibu aje ?
Watasema ju ya au ya mungu
Wameuwa corazon

Oh ! guerre ya mungu gani ?
Oh ! guerre ya rangi gani ?
Oh ! guerre rangi ya damu
Rangi ya damu
Rangi ni moja

Damu ni mingi Sambolera
Oh ! wanatesa watu
Ju mutu umoja Sambolera
Oh ! akitaka... mayi
Ni vita... son
Waca waseme Sambolera
Oh ! mayisha yako mbele
Watasema waseme Sambolera
Alakini corazon
Ngoyela... son
Oh ! Oh ! Oh !
Iye ! Iye ! Iye !
Ule wazimu usi wuogope...son

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Hold True

Sambolera in English

This world is made up
Our world is running mad
The men of this world
Lie to themselves
They are not gods
They are only human

Those malicious men
Have no compassion at all
They only talk about themselves
The world belongs to them

If it's God's will
They will have to remember you
They will give you a voice
To take your chance
Before God, what will their answer be?

They will say that
In the name of colour or of God
They killed corazon1 (heart)

War in the name of which God?
War in the name of which colour?
War the colour of blood
There is only one colour of blood
There is too much blood
They make life a hard thing to bear

Only one man's will is enough
To bring war
Let them talk
Your life leads, son
They will talk and talk
But, corazon, don't give up

Be patient
Be smart
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Iye! Iye! Iye!
Don't live in fear of this madness

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Merci pour la chanson, elle dit qu'il faut arrêter les guerres débiles et qu'il faut s'aimer car on a la même couleur de sang, Dieu bénisse l'Afrique


@Cristian Sangenice kirundi

Cristian Sangenice

Merci ,c’est en qu’elle langue svp

mahoro dieudonne

@maskoff225 maskoff225 me

Enge Bobo


Pancrace Embolo

Merci pour cette traduction

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It's really amazing that the first word of the song, "duniya" which means "world", exists in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, Ladino, my native Greek, and many other languages. This little discovery has made my day. "Duniya" is a small world, let us put our differences aside, embrace each other and enjoy our presence on this planet while it lasts. :-)

bismark umbili

Om swahili it means the same

Jabine Tasho

In kiswahili too

Semuganzabicu Sulaiman

@John Gabrielz no most of her other songs are in Kirundi language because she's a Burundian not a swahili woman

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