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F**ked Up
Kidcrusher Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Kidcrusher:

A Dirty Fuckin Murder Suck my blood straight from my vein Bite my skin I…
Fuck In The Flesh Pit Can I help you to die, come on Fuck, Fuck, Fuck,…
Fuck You Forever Yo, I'm about to do something a little different right…
I HEAR Dead People I can hear the screaming (screaming) I can feel them breathi…
Manic Depresso Fuck! Filled with joy this time of season I'm always happy …
Meet the Monstors Into my mind Falling apart All that I loved Is left behind S…
Outsider Artist Why do I get a horny dick every time I…
The Naughty List It's December 25th, I start to fucking twitch Bah Hum Bug,…
Zydrate Anatomy Drug market, sub-market, Sometimes I wonder why I ever got i…

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Comments from YouTube:


RIP to a legend going to miss you and your videos Angry Grandpa. 🙏🏻

Galv Sparks

@Tawanne’s life🇺🇸 nah bro he’s in heaven stop with your nonsense


Selling dragonaite level 98 tell me your price

Shawn MacLean

What what

Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis 18 To a To Miss And Video

Tawanne’s life🇺🇸

RIP but he’s in hell

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GeneralCrowbar (SenseiAhmet)

Don't worry guys, now he is destroying a PS5 in heaven.

TheeHaki Cori

:) that would have been hilarious

GeneralCrowbar (SenseiAhmet)

@EagleClaw oh, sorry for my misunderstanding. Have a nice day mate :D

btw i have xbox 360


@GeneralCrowbar (SenseiAhmet) I don’t hate any console lol, I’m a true gamer and just loved the Angry Grandpa Content,

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