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Look Into My Eyez
Killa C Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Killa C:

Suicide (Intro) I fuckin feel like I need to die... Ya know…

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Comments from YouTube:


I'm so happy somebody actually still had this album and posted it to YouTube it has been so long since I've got to listen to his music and oh my f**** god it's amazing still

J Dogg

No doubt I have a copy somewheres

lita vondoom

10 years later and I’m still listening to this👏 thanks for uploading I’ve wanted to find this for a whole

Caleb Stewart

I’ve been looking for this for so fucking long

desiree woodburn

10..20.. how ever many years.. I lost track.. but you still my most related artist in this music. Shame you went all good guy on us.. he's usually the bad guy. The one who hides His sins as survivalist or religious he's the traitor. The open murderer who tells you it's me or him, he's the honest killer

Spaced Out Luigi

Same man

cody sour

Same here bro

Dj weiss

Kills c if you see this up don’t take it down man I’ve been waiting a long time to hear this album again. Let a ninja know how to (or where) purchase it if that’s the problem! Thanks for the upload Pavor !


I got a copy

Whitt Williams

Aye Dj go to Discogs website or Facebook group called psychopathic museum is where to look or just copy this you tube link and go to YouTube to mp3 it

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