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Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage
Killer Pussy Lyrics

Teenage, greenage, awkward in-between age
(Teenage enema nurse)
I turned 15 thought it was a teen scene
(Teenage enema nurse)
Thought it would be easy, but it makes me queasy
(I’m a Teenage enema nurse)
Were all just Teenage enema nurses in bondage

Must have left a chapter out.
In school and nursing classes.
They never taught me all about
Those tubes and lubes and asses.
Teenage enema nurse (x4)

They told me stick the nozzle in
There’s really nothing to it
It’s not a very pretty job
But someone’s got to do it.
Teenage enema nurse (x4)
Were all just Teenage enema nurses in bondage

Teen job, mean job, not a very clean job
(Teenage enema nurse)
Poses it with hoses ain't No bed of roses
(Teenage enema nurse)
There are no implications just evacuations
(Teenage enema nurse)
Were all just Teenage enema nurses in bondage

I’ve had such Emergency it made me so disgusted
__?___Urgency to empty and it busted

Teenage enema nurse
Teenage enema nurse

Oh shit the pay is low
I labor not in vain
I’d quick but I’m so broke I know
I’d never find a way

Teenage enema nurse
Were all just Teenage enema nurses in bondage.

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Comments from YouTube:


Yes! KROQ was the best in the 80s.

Gregory McIntosh

So many of my pleasures in life in the 80s included KROQ, Rick Carroll (a frkn genius!), Rodney Bingenheimer, Shadoe, .... Aw, sheeet, mon, if you were there, you know. That, with snow, was a great time. So long 80s at the beach in LA. Truly, a great time!

Tommy Udo

If you don't like this song, you don't have a sense of humor. I still have the single.

Geno Mitchalinni

Hold your breath when you swim.

Joshua Nofuckingway

That single is worth a pretty penny a couple sheckles and an albino komodo dragon , i was in vynal solutions ( it was my fav. Music store back n the day aka early 90's) and someone came in with the a clear or colored vynal 8" single of this song, i remember Drak start making a big deal about it , he sold me and justise for all with the sleave vynal & NIN fixed maxi single for $10 ..... i dont think i ever saw anybody that worked there give a shit about any album people had to sell/trade in except that single


The first time I read Less Than Zero, I thought for sure Bret was making up this song and band just to be funny. Imagine my surprise when I found out it's real!

Greg Huffman

@Art Vandelay if you havent read time's arrow by martin amis i recommend that. also confederacy of dunces by john kennedy toole

Art Vandelay

@Greg Huffman glad you enjoyed it! Will check those books out. Thanks

Greg Huffman

@Art Vandelay yeh i enjoyed it. after that i read pale fire by nabokov. now reading the heart is a lonely hunter by carson mccullers

Art Vandelay

@Greg Huffman best book ever

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