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A Place Called Home
Kim Richey Lyrics

Well, it's not hard to see
Anyone who looks at me
Knows I am just a rolling stone
Never landing any place to call my own
To call my own

Well, it seems like so long ago
But it really ain't you know
I started out a crazy kid
Miracle I made it through the things I did
The things I did

Someday I'll go where there ain't no rain or snow
‘Til then, I travel alone
And I make my bed with the stars above my head
And dream of a place called home

I had a chance to settle down
Get a job and live in town
Work in some old factory
I never liked the foreman standing over me
Over me

Oh I'd rather walk a winding road
Rather know the things I know
See the world with my own eyes
No regrets, no looking back, no goodbyes
No goodbyes

Someday I'll go where there ain't no rain or snow
‘Til then, I travel alone
And I make my bed with the stars above my head
And I dream of a place called home


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Comments from YouTube:

Leanne Demmons

Best voice out there today. She sounds better with a chair and a guitar than most musicians do with all the studio help.

KP Rawls

Yes! Yes.

Anna Nutherthing

A wonderful find for me even this far on in her career .... Love her presence and her utterly engaging voice and lyrics ..

Muhammad Hassaan

One of the most amazing songs ever written and performed, Both the song and Kim are incredibly underrated!

Aunt Isthenes

what was availaible was terrible. the soul was there, but thhe sound was awful. I've moved a lot, always trying to rebuild myself. Her song is just right.

Barbara Baldwin

Love this. Learned it from an episode of now cancelled "Angel." Beloved character has her soul and body taken by Illuria, from another world. In video for song, you see the young innocent woman leave home, and parents, to fight demons and bad vampires, with "Angel." She loses to the evil being. SAD..Love this song!


That's where I heard it too, the song means so much to me. I started listening to it a lot after seeing it on angel when I was about 11 years old. Such a beautiful song and she sings it so beautifully too.

Curly From The Swirly

Illyria didn't take Fred's soul. They said that was destroyed in the fire of Resurrection. Illyria just needed a body....a shell as she put it to walk the earth again.

But great show, and 🖕 the WB.


I first heard Kim on Buffy. In the first season 'Never Kill A Boy on the First Date'. The song is at the very end of the episode called 'Let the Sun Fall Down'. I love her sound so much.
I'm not able to listen to this one without thinking of Fred though. It makes me so sad. 😭

Katie Burge

"Angel" is why I went searching for the source of this beautiful song

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