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Shiny White Lights
King Air Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Greg T

You can hear him holding back tears on his last transmission. That got me. This was amazing.

Darron Lemell

Man I wasn't supposed to cry but that last transmission sent me

Heather Horton

Me too I swear I felt his pain

CalvinP StOnge

@Sunnzo qqqqaaq

Travis Fletcher

I started crying😭


This video has me at the edge of my seat this entire 11:39 mins in to it so far.

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magnus torque

This guy's "low hours" on a single engine saved their lives because he had a basic understanding of aviation and aviation terms, and he knew what it was like to land a flying machine. His focus and ability to collect himself as well as the excellent guidance and support that he received from the ground also played a huge role.
This documentary had me on the edge of my seat the whole time until the plane touched down safely. Really well done !


Yes!!!! And ALSO HE HINTED - gave indication his TRUST WAS IN GOD, not himself. With that humble heart, God promises Grace. Therefore his abilities to do all he did so well, was because GOD ENABLED HIM
IM SURE he & his whole family Thanked God repetitively for saving their lives!!!!
& I did, too, while watching.


@57whizzer this was an incredible video as well. It’s a must watch after watching this video. Be careful, it’s emotional. But it’s awesome!!


ONE MILLION PERCENT!! This is a fact that his few hours on a single engine absolutely saved their lives!! Super fact.

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