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Sun Medallion
King Tuff Lyrics

Down on the dream today
In the graveyard where I do my dreamin'
Tied my hair in braids
Yeah the colored pinwheels spinnin'

Smoking pipe
Thought I'd get away
But I can't go anywhere without my sun medallion

So I got into my car this morning
On the street where I do my livin'
She's a mean green chevrolet
Yeah I felt the engine turnin

Black coffee
Standard transmission
You know I can't go anywhere without my sun medallion

Somebody said to me
You know you got to take it or use it
So show me a path to the mountains
The color the sky will bring me

You know you got to do the dance
Let go of your body
[and with no doubt?]
I love you

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Comments from YouTube:

June B

Just lost a best friend he was awesome and meant everything to me. he showed me this song and I never remembered it after it took me a while to find it and now I did thanks to his help I bet. cherish your friends and family tell them you love them and keep reaching out before their gone. Im sad and lost but I know he would want me to cheer up. <3 love you Tyrick! RIP 4/26/16 ill miss you!!!

Dave Anchovies

i lost my best friend and a girl i had been dating for 10 years back in 02, and 03 respectively. no words can cure the pain, so ill spare the cliches. i made pretty bad decisions to cope--but nothing helps like music. listening playing...but mostly the songs that remind you of who lost...seems that would make it worse...but it gets worse before it gets better.

Slim Customers

i reckon this is the best of all the "garage rock" since the 60s.


You "reckon"? Keep "looking"!

Dave Anchovies

no, but its a great song. kinda more spacey and psych with the garage tag attached. that live version is a rocker....guhdaaaaamn


Man...why is this song so good?

Nicholas Tully

Because it is. Get some


+T1nCh0 iknoww right hahaha i lov it to

Ronald Jeebers

This... this tastes good. It tastes good in my mouth. Yes.


holy shit!i just found these guys and they're fucking wonderful!:O

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