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Telephone Ting
by Kiprich

Hey yuh know seh a fool yuh tek mi fah!
a who name Michelle? a who name Renee?
a who fah picture this inna yuh phone?
Yuh know seh dat I gwine call dem gal mek dem know who is wife round here!
Kippo! Seh sum'n!

[Verse 1]
Mi put a lock pon mi phone and nah tell yuh my pin numba
Cau weh nuh see nuh hurt
Yuh tell mi yuh beg mi a call weh yuh gone search di phone fah
Now a tear off mi shirt
Afta mi dun tell yuh seh yuh a di woman a di yard
And yuh know seh every man flirt
So why di hell yuh a stress mi when yuh fi a caress mi
Tell mi weh di cussin worth yuh nuh see it seh

Telephone ting mash up mi life
It mek matey a call mi wife yuh nuh see it seh
Telephone ting mash up mi life
It mek mi girl run gone fi knife, a yuh nuh see it seh
Telephone ting mash up mi life
Hey a it a cause fuss and fight yuh nuh see it seh
Telephone ting mash up mi life
It mek mi caan sleep good at night

Verse 2
Cho! Look how yuh deh yah when mi could a neva vex
Until yuh go read to mi waan sex yuh text
Deh yah and a laff then tun inna monsta
To a girl seh hello then hang up when yuh ansa
Mi caan believe a so a fool yuh a act
a write dung people numba and a call people back
When mi a talk pon mi phone yuh a listen
When your ? do missin', yuh nuh see it seh


[Verse 3]
Look how yuh go out yuh wey to break yuh own heart
And now yuh shouldn't follow friends should have yuh own thought
Yuh neva used to argue now yuh start
And all these tings weh a happen just tear us apart
Weh yuh nuh see inna yuh face yuh search yuh found
Nuh mek yuh friend dem boost yuh up and feed dem dutty mind
Dem carry go so mi come then dem tink dem free fi join
a this weh mi see everytime, yuh know mi seh


[Verse 1: Repeats]

[Chorus: Repeats]

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Her Royal Majesty

Damn kiprich is so underrated..this song was a big chune when i was in primary school

Genahsyde masicka

Any body from 2019 to 2027

FormZ -_-

Yes 2020

Raw Thugz inc.


Haz Williams

Yess!! 2019!!!!

philip antwi

lets tell our woman the truth and treat them right, the nations have been lied to

Romario Russell

2020 anyone

joy sonny

Kiprich my all tym 🌟

Sexy Browning

Talk truth 😕

Raw Thugz inc.


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