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Across the Sea
Krama Lyrics


Writer(s): Dimitrios Violitzis

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Fuzzy Muff

I was back in the fog, where the angels voices ??? in my head.
I fought to push a shadow out of my head.
Fighting the urge to run. 
I wanna to sink back into the darkness. 
Back to darkness.

is this correct?

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benjamin meza

This track will never get old. Play it louder.


Very nice track. mad skills.


respect krama keep up the good work...!!!!


que maravilha! animal nice music brow

Mr.EverWoke LoneWolfInc

Absolutly Incredible Music. Untouchable. Change my mind...ill wait 👂

Ąlēxąñđrę Xąňđåñ

Refreshing, intense 🌊🙌🏽😌🍃

Martin Matias

Love and listen to Krama music since 2009 nice ! :) end of 2019 is now :)


Martin Matias it’s great. Me 2:)

Patrick Loureiro

PQP, espanca muito !


Oh dear God!! It's amazing!!!

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