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Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima
Krzysztof Penderecki Lyrics

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Amelia Wright

"I had to walk on the dead bodies, because the ground was too hot. I kept saying "Sorry" to them". - Unnamed Surviver from Hiroshima.

José Emilio Marmolejo

@Yungeen Tide lol i never said all IDIOT

Yungeen Tide


The Basketball G.O.A.T

@Grey Man I don't recall ever typing or seeing you're name?

Grey Man

@The Basketball G.O.A.T Who are you talking to? If that "ruined your day" you need to choose where you browse better, and also you need to know this stuff as well, if you can't learn about tragedy and be happy at the same time you need to learn to do it, cause you can't avoid it forever

The Basketball G.O.A.T

Thanks for ruining my day..... dick

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Got a light?

Illumi Notme Reloaded

See you all at the convenience store. Plenty of cream corn for all.

Illumi Notme Reloaded

@M.D. S I hadn't. I didn't know until this moment, as I am rewatching and just saw Thenody in the credits for a second time in episode 11. That's insane. I was near certain that the chaos heard during the Trinity 'Experiment' scene was written for that scene specifically. A different experience I imagine for someone familiar with the piece, though no less powerful I am sure. Wow!

- Csótánypüré -

Big light

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