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Emil's Shop
Kuniyuki Takahashi Kakeru Ishihama Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


He’s so goddam adoreble, his VA did so well


@Tiến Đạt Emil is a guy, but the VA are girls!

Tiến Đạt

He? I thoughs Emil was "She" all this time lol, maybe bcuz the japanese ver sound like a girl XD

Silver Spoon

Corporations : «We need to invest millions in advertising to sell our shit and convince our customers»
Emil : «Tadaaadaa daaa buy me thiiiigns! I happy!»

kariem elhanan

A streamers been using this song without context and I've been trying to find it since


never expect to found it from automata ost

kariem elhanan

@六万 it's incredible!


Glad you've finally found it hahaha

Johnathan Victorinus

it's quite happier to listen in 1.25 speed

Mack Cyran

0:35 "POG"

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