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Emil's Shop
Kuniyuki Takahashi Sho Ishihama Lyrics

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The Dude

"You can save Yonah, Weiss"
"It's you isn't it?"
"No, stay back!"
"Anyway... take it easy, yeah?"
"Is this beast a shade as well?"
"No, you gotta stop this!"
"How could a tool hope to stand against the Shadowlord?"
"I don't want to hurt my friends."
"Give up, you glorious bastard!"
"I have a reason to live!"
"We're the same, tools in the hands of a master"
"This ends here!"
"Our true memories are still there, how dare you ignore them."
"We were hoping to put it off for a hundred years or so."
"I shall fight by their side, now and forever"
"I'm tired of this world, and everybody in it, but I'll become his sword one last time."
"No, Kaine!"
"I'm gonna save you, I swear it!"
"Thanks for always being there for me."
"Androids were designed to protect their human masters."
"You know nothing of humanity "
"Perhaps we're not so different after all."
"It doesn't matter, none of this matters!"
"I needed nothing else."
"9S, the time I was able to spend with you, it was like memories of pure light, thank you... Nine...s."
"Fear not A2, I can handle this."
"Why do I long for something that no longer exists?"
"Even if it's pointless... you still have to do it!"
"You two are the last remaining members of YoRHA."
"Keep 'em coming, I'll destroy them all, and this tower!"
"I'll smash them up, and kill them!"
"Far as I'm concerned, my brother was everything, and now everything must die!"
"This pain, this sadness, this desperation, you know nothing about it!"
"Everything that lives is designed to end."
"If it all goes away, that'll solve everything!"
"Let us embrace death!"
"Here and now, we will put an end to this god damn war!"
"glory... to mankind."

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Ishi 123

Even if it's pointless, you still have to do it! Because this is the world my friend tried to save!

Sakuraba Neku

My god,it was such an epic moment to the point I couldn't resist to cry


@Darin Dial And now it is in ver. 1.22


@Darin Dial Actually if you seen the new scans he never named him. Nier was just what people called him. He is nameless and just is Protagonists

Darin Dial

@Remilia45 Yoko didn't deny Nier was his name in this interview:
This article shows us that NieR is both the protagonist's name, but also a curse.


@Darin Dial Yoko said Nier isn't his name. Said Nier just is a curse.

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Every day's a sale. Every sale's a win.


1. take this song
2. remove the vocals
3. slap the vocals of emil singing his shop song onto this
4. PROFIT!!!

Barney Clarke

Thanks for the translation

Artur Sorokin

Why did I just cry, huh?

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