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Kwelldulf Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Fimbulwinter' by these artists:

Alda Malam sunyi ku sendiri Duduk sepi diatas pohon Ku biarkan ra…
Centhron Wir sind das reich Ein fur unser blut Bruder im geist Ein he…
Exmortus Frostbiting winds engulf the earth Commencing the Fimbulwint…
Hel Schlachtenlärm übertönt den lauten Donnerhall Walkürenrosse…
Hin Onde [Music / Lyrics by NRQ] The ravens have returned To the …

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Comments from YouTube:

Mambo Sauce

Hey man been worried about your channel ever since you posted you were getting a little demotivated from youtube....just wanna say dont give up your music is really special and I hope you have a good holiday

Kamikaze Tenebrae

@Vindsvept, fantasy music This Music is so insipring. Now I want to make a Game wich is inspired by Ragnarök, and I am German. PROPS to you that you even can do this

Archangel XI

I was literally about say the same exact thing Mambo. Please keep up the badass music Vindsvept!

Sara Baptista

Beautiful music! Vindsvept, you are improving everyday! Keep doing what you love and keep looking to the future!

Mambo Sauce

That is awesome to hear PROPS to you and I think I can speak for the fan when I say I cant wait to hear more

Vindsvept, fantasy music

Oh, no worries! I'm as hyped as I've ever been. The numbers are pretty demoralizing but I try to look to the future instead of what's currently happening. Things will improve and I have no intention of stopping or slowing down, rather the opposite :)

Chris B

I can't promise you'll ever reach a million subscribers, or that the channel's growth will be exponential. You might, you might not, I don't know. But I do know this: Your music has made me feel more alive and free than anything else has. And no matter what happens in the future, I know that will never change.

Anthonie Santic


The Darkeyed Musician

Love the percussion in this piece! Great job! And I love how you really put a lot in your description, I always read descriptions and I like your personal touch. Feel better!

moth łämᶈ

Awesome track!
You should probably get some sleep before you keep working, though. I hope you get well soon!

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