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Rêve Lucide
LÜNE Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by LÜNE:

Don't Be Sober I ain't from h tahn But I done came dahn Like at…
gebe auf Gebe auf, oh-oh Hast deine Chance verspielt Fühl' mich schwa…
gebe auf. Gebe auf, oh-oh Hast deine Chance verspielt Fühl' mich schwa…
Girls With Bangs Under my hair, the rain can't follow us 'Cause we…
HAB NUR EINE BITTE. Hab' nur eine Bitte, nicht mehr Sei still, es gibt nichts…
Leave The World Behind Leave the world behind you And leave this world behind…
Private Admission If the song crock me like a tired baby, private…
Standing Eagle If you stay close you might be scared Cause I'm evil I'm a…
Tonight I'm wearing new clothes When you hug me so Sometimes no clot…

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Comments from YouTube:

Daniel Peña

To all the people who has commented bad things about EG, just letting you know he is not the original artist; but he got the rights from the author thru Wouhou Records to display this song in his channel. SMH because the song got copyright claim from TerminalMontage but don't blame EG because he just gathers all this music from different artist in a single place for our enterteinment. That's the channel all about. This is the original channel of the artist: He doesn't have the comment section active because he knows all the hate he could get because of the claim.
In the description of this video EG states that the song got licensed to YouTube by amuse (on behalf of Wouhou Records); Songtrust. I just checked on google and I found the web page of Wouhou Records. TerminalMontage also state in the description of his video that he got copyright claim from the original artist, not EG. I hope this help to clear all this confusion and lets keep enjoying this beautiful music genre with respect and love. Peace ✌❤.

Supernova Born

The original music owner is a poopyhed for disabling comments

Miguel Baltazar

what is eg

Daniel Peña

@MrPwner911 Terminal Montage got the rights of using this track again.
Universe created us to make beautiful music in many ways. So, let's share with everyone who loves music everywhere. ❤️


Major props to EG for pinning this, was wondering what happened to Terminal's video.


​@navieon Cerise de L'espace ( or Soleil bleu ( or Dunes ( or Bulle (

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Hey EG ! Thank you once again for the post..
It's amazing to see my music on this beautiful channel <3

(For those wondering, "Rêve Lucide" = Lucid Dream)




This song makes me feel like I'm flying through a wormwhole superman style


Shame you felt the need to drop a copystrike after this blew up.

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