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Darkest Light
Lafayette Afro Rock Band Lyrics

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Haken Take away my vision shine your darkest light into my eyes …
Jono McCleery You have been strong in my mind today Who that I…

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Court Laszlo

The Lafeyette Afro Rock Band had to go a long way to become this celebrated. Formed on Long Island in 1970, they left the US after deciding (probably correctly) that the funk scene was too saturated. Saxophonist Leroy Gomez linked up with the band in Paris, writing and producing ‘Hihache’ and playing the sax solo ‘Darkest Light’, both iconic breakbeats and samples, respectively. Gomez would go on be the vocalist for Santa Esmeralda, whose cover of ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’ would be a disco hit.

‘Darkest Light’ heard in:
Public Enemy, ‘Show ‘Em Whatcha Got‘ (1988)
Wreckx-N-Effect, ‘Rump Shaker‘ (1992)
Three 6 Mafia, ‘Back Against The Wall‘ (1995)
Jay Z, ‘Show Me What You Got‘ (2006)
Ty Dolla $ign and Joe Moses, ‘The Weekend‘ (2012)



"Show 'Em Whatcha Got" by Public Enemy (1988)
"Soul Food" by Tuff Crew (1989)
"Justa Lil' Dope" by Masters at Work (1991)
"Back to the Hotel" by N2Deep (1992)
"Back against the Wall" by Three Six Mafia (1995)
"Rump Shaker by Wreckx-n-Effect (1992)
"You Can't See What I See" by Heavy D & the Boyz (1996)
"Freestyle Noize" by Freestylers (1998)
"Mad Love" by Britney Spears (2001)
"introduction" by Idéal J
"Show Me What You Got" by Jay-Z (2006)
"Friday" by Ice Cube (1995)
...And counting!!!!

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Sofia M.

The very beggining would be great in a film noir.

krylon 007

@Wombra it is

Madie Mae

Sofia M. It’s in black lightning now 😨

KarlMalone 734

@Wombra it's been done by jay z

Darrell Crawford

@Wombra public enemy use it in a intro

Russ Black

@Wombra it was two already n2deep back to the hotel and wrexneffect rumpshaker in the 1990's

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R U N N I N - G U N N I N

N2Deep - Back To The Hotel
Public Enemy - Show 'Em What'cha Got
Wreckx-N-Effect - Rump Shaker

Red Pill Productions Canada

They all led me here, good music links to good music inspired by good music....

بشير بصير

Idéal J-Introduction (1998)


Ill Al Skratch - Don't Shut Down On A Player (Remix)

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