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Bulletproof Angel
Last Empire Cartel Lyrics

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Karis Kairos

Shaun, wonder if you have read the book called “El Traidor” (the traitor)
It’s the Dairy that the son of El Mayo Zambada, (Vicente Zambada Niebla aka “Vicentillo”), wrote while in prison.
The dairy was given to reporter Anabel Hernandez via Vicentillo’s lawyer.
I have it and willing to send it to you. It’s in Spanish.

Junior Junior

@Dead Pilot9 pretty much in portal in the real knitty gritty. Great book. Annabel doesn’t miss.

Karis Kairos

@Dead Pilot9 It's a diary wrote while in prision by "El Mayito" (son of head Lord "El Mayo Zambada").
He gives it to his lawyer and the lawyer dying on cancer gave it to Anabel Hernández, who publishes.
He explains how all cartels and lots of politicians are controlled by El Mayo Zambada, who lives in Los Angeles, Ca.

Dead Pilot9

What’s it about

ClippzOne 1

Ioan is a fuckin legend. Salute you both 👌💯

Maria Rita Jane

Will anyone mention Catholic nun's abuse in the sixties ? We are not interestingly enough to merit some footage ? I was in Piccadilly in 1968 too. My life was ruined as well.

Memescience vines

Why can't I find an interview of Angel Felix? Anyone help


Me too, like I’ve searched the whole internet for it even in Spanish lol. I want to know how he spoke and so on

imjustsaying tho

The cartels wouldn't exist if it weren't for the American drug laws.


People want drugs laws or not govt can supply it in a safe way or we can have a big cops n robbers type of game

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