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Laurel Halo Lyrics

Endless trees worthy of some cult
So broke
Isn't it for apes to be rooted

Your eyes make all the misery come worthwhile
Yet all I want is to rid of them

Travelling heart don't go away

In the instant you know the feeling of time passing
The line continues to take itself and draw

The mirror will be gone tomorrow
No memory
Airborne sickness cannot go away

Travelling heart don't go away

Contributed by Sophie W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Swag Mimic

This song aged really good with the whole pandemic thing

Micah Young

same here she foresaw it

Jed Fazakarley

Covid jam

Micah Young



Well the album is called... y‘know

Veridiana Sanchez

came here to comment this

Mario Mario

I'm mainly a rock fan, and I first knew about this artist today thanks to a video by Anthony Fantano. I gotta admit this is hella interesting.

Dunno Studios

I'm here from fantano too


That melon really brings us all together.

danillo Gonçalves

Are you a fan of the ex professional wrestler turn Hollywood actor The Rock?

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