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Meteor: Main Theme
Laurence Rosenthal Lyrics

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Richard Hayman Orchestra Where are you? Why do you hide? Where is that moonlight…

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Comments from YouTube:

Sean Doherty

Love these old 70's movie scores. This one is grand & epic. They don't make them like this anymore.

Darren T

Great music, works so well with the film and good to see the soundtrack on CD for the first time!!!

Christopher Davies

Absolutely love this film. Not perfect but what is. Anyway great to see some top stars in this film, lovely music and not bad effects for its time. Good old awesome film. 👍

Sean Doherty

I really like this film too, right its not perfect by any means but I don't know why this film gets so panned by everyone, it really isn't that bad!! Love the music score for this film too its wonderful, one of the best atmospheric scores of the 70's disaster movies.


Dreadful film, fantastic soundtrack. Never heard the tracks on their own before 40+ years since the film was released, so am listening to them all now.


First movie my parents took me to see at the theater.Still love it today

george harris

Superb music !

Thunder Warrior

Watching movie right now ❤️ thx for this

Gall ery

Worthy of Dominic Frontiere. One of my favourite main title scores. Too bad the movie isn't as great as Rosenthal's music.


Yeah, this one of the movies, which I like, in which the music is the best part of it. I wish the Blu-ray or DVD had a soundtrack-only audio option

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