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Layori Lyrics

Dada la ma de ibi tan'lo
Pelu ayo la ma de ibi tan'lo
Dada la made ibi tan'lo
Alafia la ma mu de ibi tan'lo
Ona ma shi si gbogbo ibi ta fe lo
Ona ma han si gbogbo ibi ta ba te
Ashe ma she si gbogbo ohun ti aba she
Ire ma yo ninu gbogbo ise wa "Ah ah
Dada dada dada

Contributed by Sydney C. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


she kinda has an "ASA" feel to her music! LOVE IT!!! :)

Ba Li

this song touches my heart...tender and so beautyful

Ewa B

Beautiful soul music and amazing dresses.. Love her !!


Love it, beautiful music stunning outfit and amazing videography.


love her fashion sense, very unique.

Colorful Codes

Heard this 5 years ago and finally found it again.

Hola Di

she looks like naomi c Love it <3


Great concept & amazing voice...


WOW who is this young lady?! I love her voice!

caro coco

just amazing!

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