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Tell no one about tonight
Le Sport Lyrics

how can something so wrong
feel so right
baby try not to fight
the feelings tonight
it won’t cause any trouble
it won’t cause any pain
little or no disturbance
so let’s dance
but tell no one about tonight

I know youth was wasted
there were mistakes and regrets
it took me years to discover
but just this evening to forget
it won’t cause any fuzz
come on just this one time
a celebration of the past
but it will never last
so tell no one about tonight

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Comments from YouTube:


Danced to this with my ex-girlfriend many years ago, just before she left my country for good. A lot of good memories wrapped up in this song.

fabrizio d'ambrosio

When you discover that a video of one of your fave songs exists after 14 years..

Artur Araújo

LOVED this! Gotta love swedish synthpop! <3

Kajsa Paulssom

Love this song! It's one of my favourites


Never heard of them before. Great song and production.

Carmen Arroyo Serrano

I love them so much!


vilka hundvalpsögon alltså. sött.




Finaste mannen!


Bellissima canzone!! l'ho usata anche per un mio video.

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