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The Sidewinder
by Lee Morgan

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"I do not understand how someone could hate jazz, it's literally a genre made up of dudes just straight up vibing"


Wow. I just found Jazz elitists


inmahas lenaitmer Calm down sir it’s a joke

inmahas lenaitmer

Why don't you understand? Each person has his/her own preference, I myself love jazz, but some rnb, orchestra or classical music just isn't for me, and not all modern music is trash or shit, such as, not necessarily jazzy, tom misch, dirty loops, suchmos and some of dual lipa's latest songs, they are pretty nice imo
What I don't understand is that some people aren't willing to open their minds, respect all kinds of music and can't get out of their comfort zone

Ryan Field


Khai Mang

First and foremost, these folks who claim to "hate" Jazz don't realize that just about everything they're listening to have elements of so-called jazz embedded. From the beats to the the rhythms. Especially, Hip Hop.

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Eric Fricke

I love reading the comments where people remember family members playing jazz records... great music brings people together and makes memories!

Kim Young

I am 65 R and B my brother 4 years older turned me on to Jazz in the late 70’s . Memories..

Michael Quick

Stop to take a break from writing composition for UCLA Orchestra Sidewinder I tuned in sounds great I remember listening to this oh 25-30 years ago . Great Piece one of the best.

1949 luvdoowop

Me too.  I was introduced to Lee Morgan by way of Jimmy Smith's "The Sermon".  Lee's solo on the "JOS"  just awesome.  Back in 1958 I was 9 years old - my aunt had albums and a Hi-Fi stereo.  I would listen to her albums

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