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Lee Tyler Post Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Thunderclap' by these artists:

Adventure Club Thunderclap Thunderclap Thu-thu-thu-thu-thunderclap Thu-t…
Emily Bate All i do, all i do, all i do Is wail…
Eskimo Joe The thunderclap, I hear the sound Like a cool call of…

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Comments from YouTube:


I wonder if in 20 years from now I'll look at Avengers endgame's special effects, the same weird way I'm looking at this production right now. I hope not. But as expected, I will. 🥺


Nah because endgame was a good movie. This move was awful they tried way to hard to make it comic book like and it just came of weird and the shots are just over crowded with those weird slideshow camera shots


@Thomas Gail Thor is not a good example and that was a different director . They used way to many Dutch angles


@Krandle 47 "how fake Bruce Banner looked in the Iron Man suit in Infinity War" Yeah, that was very cringe. I noticed it when I saw it in the cinemas. Looked really bad.


@justo andres Exactly. It already is. Re-watched infinity war and endgame recently and they are already looking dated.


Huh? This already looks better than Endgame CGI. That shit was rushed and overused.

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After 3 years, why is this now on everyone’s recommend page?

CarryMinati FanClub (NAFIS)

2:04 funniest CGI ever

Sad Pepe

@dwell nay i mean you’re not wrong 🤣

dwell nay

Still better than Indian cgi 😂😂

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