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Leela James Lyrics

Somebody play on the guitar strings
Makes me think of my favorite songs
Reminds me of when I heard Aretha sing
Gladys, Steven, and Chaka Khan
Can't go back to yesterday
Can we just put the thongs away

And fall back in love with music
Nothin' but the music

Everybody knows that Marvin's gone
Still I gotta tell you what's going on
Said the music's gone

Where did all the soul go?
It's all about the video
We don't sang no mo' (no mo)
Where's the music gone? (no no)

Where'd the music go?
It's all just for the dough
It ain't songs no mo'
Where's the music gone?

Still hear Donny playin' them keys
Singin' one day we'll all be free
Can't even turn on my radio
Somebody hollerin' bout a bitch or a hoe

Right now I'm missing music
Black folks count on music

Where did all the soul go?
It's all about the video
We don't sing no mo'
Where's the music gone?


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Leela brings me back to the days of GREAT music. Too bad she don't get the airplay deserved.

Xyz Abc

Y‘all have no idea how hard it was finding a song called Music without knowing the lyrics at all...but after 10 years it was like finding gold

K.L. Echteld

HOW CAN THIS BE?? WHY this song does not have millions and MILLIONS of views is a friggin' mystery to me. What's up with the Universe?!

Clayton Crawford

My thoughts exactly


Main stream music industry controls, what the masses hear.

Khwibi Aphane

Poor marketing. This is one of the finest beautiful hit songs

Sean Sartor

khle82 You speak the TRUTH !!!!

Alex Maffesoli

Everytime I see you Leela James afro a fall that much in love with her

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Female equivalent to Anthony Hamilton. They are both very under rated artistes. Well done Leela and all the best for the future. Your fan for life, Junior J.

Lee Thomas

They don't sing no mo......MY WORDS EXACTLY


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