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Tamarind Targets
Left Lane Didon Lyrics

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Billy Copeland

Why don't people show my homies the respect they deserve...

marquese harris


marquese harris


marquese harris


John Coxtolstoy

This camp is the best shit in hip hop right now to me, definitely kind of sad it's not blowin up huge but real heads know


@Archangel Nakeer I hear u God...I make beats... Hit me up if u need something

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Is it even possible?! Tha God Fahim got TOO MUCH MUSIC! I remember counting his albums on Bandcamp. The negus had like 70-something albums. There'll probably be more than that by the end of the year. I'll never get through listening to him...! Damn!

Mugen Ryukyu

Checkout Apakalypse of ESF Masta Buildas he on the same wave homie was the 1st to do it commercially.


Dude got over 100 albums......100 tape legend

ike tha pyro

bruh said he was gone drop sum every month. mans unstoppable. its crazy cuz he releases so much but u caint find nunna mach shit without dropping good money for eachother πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ yin and yang

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