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we'll never have sex
Leith Ross Lyrics

Depollute me, pretty baby
Suck the rot right out of my bloodstream
Oh, dilute me, gentle angel
Water down what I call being grateful

Oh, you kissed me just to kiss me
Not to take me home
It was simple, it was sweetness
It was good to know

You look perfect, you look different
I don't wonder about your indifference
If I said you could never touch me
You'd come over and say I looked lovely

Oh, you kissed me just to kiss me
Not to make me cry
It was simple, you are sweetness
Let's just sit a while

Depollute me, gentle angel
And I'll feel the sickness less and less
Come and kiss me, pretty baby
Like we'll never have sex

Written by: Leith Ross

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Amber Thomas

I’m not particularly asexual, but have had a couple of experiences that messed up my relationship with sex.

Ever since I was a kid guys at my school would leer at me. One of my exes admitted that he only dated me because of my appearance. I wondered if anyone would ever love me without wanting something in exchange. Perhaps not all relationships are like this, I know many happy couples who do have sex, but because of what happened to me i feel like i’m always being used.

It made me depressed. A lot of people liked me not for my intelligence, my thoughts, or my achievements, but for something as unimportant and questionable as my flesh. Something I couldn’t control. Something that now, I hardly consider a true part of me. So I worked hard, I really did, I improved my knowledge, I spoke my true thoughts, I gained skills and more hoping that if I expressed who I was louder enough that they’d finally look at me, the real “me” instead.

My friends would constantly bother me about my relationship status, asking why I was still single. If my standards were simply too high. Wondering why I could “easily find someone with your looks” but chose not to do so. I have been single for more than two years.
It’s not that I want to be single, not exactly. I just feel so broken like this. Like if I told my friends I didn’t want sex, or any potential partners, then I’d be alone forever. People would think I’m weird. Broken. So I crack jokes about it, pretending like I view sex the way they do. I always feel an immense sense of regret after those conversations.

After a life of being sexualized, of having people score me up against the looks of other girls in school, having pictures being passed around behind my back.. I would do anything to have something like this. For someone to love me and to love them back, and to make memories. Sometimes I just want to rip my soul out of my body. Sometimes I wish we never had bodies at all.

That’s why I hold on to things like affection from family. They hug you simply because they love you. My dog being excited when I come home. How a mother cares for her child unconditionally. My friendships with other women.

I wonder if anyone will ever love me this way. And that’s the scary part, I will never know. Perhaps my fear works against me. But seeing other people feel this way gives me hope as well.


As a asexual person this song really hits the spot. I used to be pressured to sext and be sexual with my body by people when I was 11-12, and that really left a bad scar on intercourses for me.

I always used to hope that when I get older it’ll all go away. That I’ll finally be okay with it and be “normal” and have a “regular” relationship. And turns out that may never happen, all thanks to those people who gave me a bad first impression of that sort of relationship.

As time passed though, and my thoughts never changed, I learned to live with the fact I may never indulge in those types of things. I feel like a lot of people just think or assume asexual people are happy that they don’t like that type of stuff, but in all truth I dislike the fact that I feel this way. That I’ll never understand having that sort of connection with a person.

But then you have the fear of people wanting those things, forcing you, I have literal nightmares of people taking advantage of me and let me tell you it’s not a lovely thing. Sex has always been scary to me, always been a fear of mine, and most people don’t understand that.

This song makes me feel loved, it makes me feel like someone else finally gets how I feel. That maybe someone, I’ll find someone who will except me for who I am and love me wide big open arms. I still wanna cuddle, I still want hugs, I still want touch, I still want to kiss you, I just don’t want to go farther than that. And it gives me hope hat I will find that person one day, and they’re just waiting for me.

Thank you for this song, it truly makes me feel seen. I makes me feel understood. It means the world to me. :) 💙💙

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As someone who was sex trafficked as a teenager and only knew love through sex this breaks me in half. I met the love of my life six years ago and he still loves me entirely without physically using me.... it's so healing.


I am so so sorry

Lucia Goosia

That is so beautiful I'm so glad you are healing❤️

insert name

You are stronger than most people ♥️ I hope you're doing ok, now and forever, with the true love of yours



Yesness Largness

He ☹️

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As an asexual person in a very allonormative society, this song is a soothing balm. I think it might bring comfort to most anyone, but I wanted to thank you for this. It's so rare and beautiful to me as a sapphic ace 💜🤍🖤 some people want the romance without the sex 💜🤍🖤 it sounds like the person in the song has found someone who is truly ok with that.




I’m an ace lesbian too and it’s hard to find the right people, but once you do it’s so nice I promise. Keep up hope hun. For now, invest in yourself <3


@sheregenerated13 that's so cool! I'm glad you found safety <3

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