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Space Walk
Lemon Jelly Lyrics

"The hatch is coming open. Okay. It's open."
"I'm moving outside. Okay, I'm letting go."
"Copy that."
"I'm starting to drift away. It really is dark out here."
"How am I doing?"
"You're doing fine."
"I'm beginning to see a uh, point of light on the horizon.
It's, uhh, getting larger.
I'm... I'm getting some breakout oscillations. Oh, it's coming quicker now. It's really going. Any second now. Here we go. And uh, woah! Heh heh. Woo boy! That really is something. Oh, that's tremendous. Well that, that's just uh, beautiful."

"Beautiful, beautiful, just beautiful"

"Zero G's, I don't mind"
"And it looks good to me"
"Reading you loud and clear"
"Feel like a million dollars"
"You are going to descent"
"That's decent"
"I can almost make out the surface"
"Looking great, here we go"

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Renee Christ

Space Walk was our getting busy song. Now my love is in another dimension and it is the song I visit him with. I love you, Samuel, eternally, unconditionally, completely. I miss you so much.

Stable Genius Politics

This song is so pure. Pure bliss. Great vibes. I even get chills. Life is beautiful. That's the reason I'm here. To tell you that life is beautiful. And if you don't believe me, listen to the song again. Beautiful, just beautiful. I feel like a million dollars.

Mike van Schijndel

@Ian Glenn Thanks! Never really knew for sure if the samples were taken from an original space recording. Pretty awesome to find out they are (although I did expect they were).


Juuuuuuuust beautiful

Gina Mills

thats right!!

Ian Glenn

I just found out that the "beautiful" in this song is sampled from Jim McDivitt saying to Ed White " you look beautiful out there" outside the window during his spacewalk. In a way that human connection makes me love this song more than if it was just a guy describing a view.

Alex Kelvy


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I believe astronaut Edward White is sampled in this song. The audio is from the first time he "walked" in space. Sadly, he died during pre-launch testing of Apollo 1 along with two other astronauts :C this song always makes me cry

Kim Keller

​@SOLOIIguru​John Glenn never did a spacewalk, and Ed White didn't sound like that. It was created by the artist. Not a real NASA communication.


AFAIK the audio on this track is John Glenn's first spacewalk, not Ed White. Still magnificent either way

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