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Vaseline Machine Gun
Leo Kottke Lyrics

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Bill Church

Leo is a national treasure. If you've never seen him in concert, you've missed something very, very special. Go see him while you still can. He is one of a kind!

Bill Church

@Chas Thomas Would love to have been there, too.

Chas Thomas

Saw him opening for Jimmy Buffett at Red Rocks in Morrison Colorado

james schessler

I've seen him 4 times.still not enough !!!


funny story (well at least I think it is) the year was I think 1995. I was living in Atlanta Ga and a couple of us got tickets to go see Leo at I think was the Variety Theatre. We got there early and were milling around the front door of the place. You could see in to where the snack bar was on the left from the front door opening and who was there munching on popcorn? Leo.... that image just always cracks me up to this day... here is this guitar god we all revere and are about to see in concert and his pre-concert warm-up appeared to be him eating a box of popcorn for the concession stand. If I remember right too he was the only one standing there. If you didn't know better you would have probably thought "Hey who is this usher standing over there munching on popcorn" I still laugh about this to this day.

Katherine Brennan

Was lucky enough to catch Leo at Davies Symphony Hall (San Francisco) about a decade ago. Stellar acoustics, mind-blowing set. So grateful to have heard him pick live!

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Jerry Kennedy

Was turned on to Kottke by friends while doing acid in the early 70's. His music is timelessly incredible.

John LaStrada

If you love Leo Kottke -- and some of you may already know this -- go to the man who discovered him and signed him to his Tacoma label. The masterful guitarist John Fahey. It will double your love for this type of guitar playing because this man is who Leo Kottke listened to and was inspired by.

Andrew Pearson

Plus Fahey is a more listenable player

AnyMan EveryMan

Probably the best 12 string picker that is, or ever has been..

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