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Ballistic Affair
Leroy Smart Lyrics

Rain on me, oh, friendly fire
(Smart bomb)
Me an' Audrey gonna sing it for ya
(Smart bomb)
A headache pill to die for
(Smart bomb)
From all participating stores
(Smart bomb)
Ooh ooh
(Smart bomb)
Shine on me, oh, benign virus
(Smart bomb)
Uranium from arms are us
(Smart bomb)
Here's something for your first born
(Smart bomb)
George Bush Junior, sing along
(Smart bomb)
Ooh ooh
(Smart bomb)
{You mean you're tellin' me in Europe when
You get coffee you have to pay for each cup?
Donny, is that a high end cup or a mid range cup?}

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Comments from YouTube:

Newton Brown

Leroy Smart and Sugar Minott. Both Unique Artists. Really Underrated Reggae Singers. Time for Leroy to be Inducted In The "Hall of Fame".

Watson Forrest

not sure if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram password using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal account hacker ;)

Omar Francis

Mayra Cuellar POP I poo I pop to we owl lol kool ookwow foeowpppkooo

Lorraine Cross

as a Jamaican prodigy of the 70's you have my vote on this

Lawrence Njawe

I'd be surprised if he hasn't received a major distinction by now. The Jamaican Musgrave Award amongst others have been meted out for many artistes already. His time will come.


I agree for both of them!

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winchestarization True-vision

How did we fall from this level of musicality to what we have now?we had dreams,but our dreams were made into a nitemere today!

winchestarization True-vision

@Paul Ranger it's a challenge,but one can only Hope for the best in ppls understanding of true quality,it will take lots of engagements from even the education sector to achieve something the 70s where I grew up,there was a hunger not only to achieve,but there were the necessary infrastructures @ hand.

Paul Ranger

@winchestarization True-vision So true. I appreciate the few young people of today who follow the discipline of working to become true muscians, vocals included. They are not appreciated too much by the masses, while too many people's ears have been trained to sway to excrement. If it is done properly, it is labeled as "Old School." I understand that music must change and evolve. I have been through several generations of changing music, from the 1960's to the early 2000s. However, it seems this generation has gone off the tracks because they fail to follow the basic rules that kept the music good for so long. It's partially because the music media value money under the table rather than quality music. So he who has the money to push junk will be heard more.

Look at the 2 note garbge beats (as I call them)(Think of "Ping"♪ "Pong"♪ throughout the whole song with no change.) that is coming out of Jamaica these days! As things go, if garbage becomes more popular than quality, then everyone fall in line and bring more of the same garbage to the market because they think it will be more popular. However, there might be some hope from both sides. The public is getting tired of the garbage and some musicians are gravitating to quality again. So I have heard. Hope it's true!

winchestarization True-vision

@Paul Ranger well sorry I just get a chance to try to give an answer.listen,back in the days, I use to have to study and practice my instruments for up to 15 hrs a day,our lives depended on our ability to be creators and not imitators,it was important to creat sounds,today you don't have to sh#t to be an artist , musician or musician,put a few loops or copy and paste a loop and you're in the game.... it's the negative side of the new technologies,things are made so easy,that ppl don't realize they're being matrixed and programmed into self distruction!more lUV,Jah bless!✊🏿💯🔥🙏🏿

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